Why Barter Beats Coupons

Everyone wants new business, but what risks are you willing to take to get it? Coupons can be a hit-or-miss marketing strategy, and often the new business doesn’t make up for the dollars spent on the campaign.

Bartering offers new business for a nominal brokerage fee, which gives you a double advantage over a coupon campaign. First, you don’t pay your brokerage fees until you get new business, which means you don’t have to spend any money before you start making money.

The other advantage bartering offers is that a nominal brokerage fee of around 12% means you get to keep a lot more of your profit than coupon programs offer. Coupons, which usually offer anywhere from 25 to 60 percent off, mean you aren’t getting as much revenue. And of the revenue you do receive, much of that pays for the cost of the promotion. Any way you do the math, bartering always comes out ahead.

Even online programs like Groupon and Living Social can be deceptively costly. If you offer a 50 percent off coupon, that other 50 percent is split between your business and Groupon, leaving you with just 25 percent of the total retail value. Your only hope of making a significant impact will be with return business which is not the common for active “couponers”.

With barter, you don’t have to wait for return business, because you make a profit the first time! You get full retail in trade and can then use those dollars within the system for a nominal brokerage fee.

Coupons have trained people to hunt for discounts on a regular basis, so recurring business isn’t as likely to occur. Instead, bartering allows you to build lasting relationships at full retail value. What are you waiting for? Cut out the coupon cutting and get the revenue your business deserves with barter!

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